Olivada (Hors D’Oeuvres)

Recipe of the Day (#ROTD)

This hors d’oeuvre is a rich bite of briny goodness. Easy to whip up, can sit at room temperature and its unique flavor make this appetizer a special addition to any cocktail party.

3 cloves of garlic~peeled and rough chopped

1 can of black olives

1 large jar of green olives with pimentos

1/2 t of oregano

2 t of capers

3 t olive oil

Drain all the olives and put them in a food processor add all the other ingredients except the olive oil. With the processor running add the 3T of olive oil in a slow stream. Once all ingredients are chopped empty contents of processor into a dish. Serve this Olivada with Kelloggs Toasteds Savory Onion crackers. The two flavors of the Olivada and onion crackers are insane.



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