Raise The Bar Workout

Here we go!! This workout is tough it includes 4 giant sets.

*Giant sets are 3 or more exercises done back to back with a break in-between each giant set.

*Take the full 20 second break between each set.

That should help you get through the workout more efficiently.

🏆#1 Push-up pike x10 Reverse Lunge knee drive x10 on each leg Power sit-up x8 20 second break

🏆#2 Static lunge-shoulder raise x10 each leg Power sit-up x8 20 second break

🏆#3 Kick stand RDL x10 leg Tricep kick back x10 Power sit-up x8 20 second break

🏆#4 Sumo squat bicep curl x10 Sump squat pulse x20 Power sit-up x8

3 Rounds of all 4 giant sets with a 20 second break in-between each giant set. go up in weight with each Round if your form isn’t being compromised if your form isn’t on point stick with the weight size you started the workout using.

You can find this workout on www.thehouseofobrien.com along with so many other workouts, recipes and style tips ALL FREE.

GOOD LUCK🍀 let us know how you do↪️ Email us at elizabeth@thehouseofobrien.com

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