Sexy Legs Workout

Workout of the Day (#WOTD)

Normally I don’t make this kind of statement but this workout, done full out, will tone and shape your legs into the sexiest legs EVER!! However, it is not an easy workout and by the end of the first Round you might yell “UNCLE” but keep going you can thank me later.

Start with a short 5-6 minute warm up. You can use our warm up tap here for our warm up video.

  • Squat Knee Drive x15 reps
  • Alternating legs Curtsy Lunge x15
  • Curtsy Lunge Pulses (each leg) x25
  • Sumo Walks x25
  • Sumo Hops x25

4 Rounds of all 6 exercises with your break after you complete all 6 exercises and before you start the next Round. Start with medium-heavy weights and go up in weights with each Round.

Clothing: Athleta

Hat: Angry Minnow Vintage

Shoes: Saucony

Mat: Gorilla Mats



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