Simply too Marvelous Orange Gown

A gown that is the color of the sunset, vibrant, radiant yet simply cut and with short sleeves no less, is exciting and really exciting to wear.

This fun and glamorous gown (from the brand Uoozee ) commands attention wherever it goes. The fabric is light and the length is perfection.

Styled with stunning Sam Edelman Yaro block heeled sandals, a Madeline Lynne Bauble bracelet, a pair of SoJos sun glasses in cream brown, and darling sprayed petal drop earrings from A New Day Target brand.

People don’t dress up as much as they used. Back in the day dressing up to fly in an airplane was the norm. Getting dressed up can boost your mood, can be used a creative outlet (which is why I dress up), and can foster interactions. I can’t tell you how many people approach me with either the question “where did you get the such and such?” or “what a fab outfit”

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