The MOI Sweatshirt from BE ALICE

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Be Alice brand.

Be Alice is owned by Amy Schmitz, who I met a few years ago at one of her trunk shows. She is vibrant, ultra creative and full of energy. She started her company by producing fabulous hand crafted one of a kind cross body bags. She has since started upcycling high-end bags, transforming them into bags people can continue to wear and cherish forever.

Be Alice brand has expanded into clothes, the MOI Sweatshirt is just one of Amy’s new clothing creations. It’s a thick sweatshirt but not bulky, semi tailored and clean cut, so it can be worn everyday or out to a casual cocktail party.

I styled the MOI sweatshirt with J.Crew Sailor denim trousers/Charlotte Stone green clogs/a silver faux fur lined vest from Targets brands-A New Day.

Adding a simple watch and a single bracelet with simple diamond hoop earrings just enhances the look to make it more elegant at the same time not taking any thunder away from the MOI sweatshirt.

Check out BE Alice’s website-Tap Here to Shop Use Code: LIZ15 for 15% off your order

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