The Plank

Fitness Tip of the Day (#FTOD)

7 Things that Happen when you do Planks.

  • Improved Core Definition

Planks are an ideal exercise for your abdominal muscles because they engage all major core muscles groups, including the upper, lower and sides of the abdominal muscle.

  • Decreased Risk of Back Injury

Incorporating planks into your exercise routine strengthens your back muscles which will ensure more stability for your entire back especially the area around your upper back.

  • Metabolism Boost

Planks challenge your entire body and doing this exercise everyday will help burn more calories than other traditional abdominal exercises. Most of the muscles used to do planks are the largest muscles groups in your body.

  • Improved Posture

The strength that comes with doing planks daily produces great posture. By improving your muscle strength you maintain better aliment which keeps your bones and joints in correct alignment thus producing better posture.

  • Improved Balance

Balance is improved by having strong abdominal muscles by doing planks your abdominal muscles strengthen and your overall balance and performance in all fitness activity improves.

  • More Flexibility

Planks expands and stretches all your posterior muscles groups shoulders, shoulder blades and collarbones, while stretching hamstrings, the arches of the feet and toes. Flexibility prevents injury.

  • Improve Mood

Stretching out your muscles groups reduces tension and stress in the body and nervous system. Reducing stress in the body and in the nervous system calm the brain helping with some symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Start by doing 5 planks and hold each one for 30 seconds. While holding each plank tighten your abdominals and glutes. Work your way up to holding each plank for 1 minute.



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