Tight & Toned Arm Workout

Workouts of the Day (#WOTD)

Toning your arms is more than a bicep curl and a chest press, you need to do compound exercises as well.



Combined Shoulder exercises

This workout is simple but effective. A lot of reps medium weights and a plyometric Exercise in between each weight exercise.

Angels Jumps are simple but effective. Make to watch your feet when jumping back up on to the box or bench or step. Breathe!!

  • Reverse Swings x15
  • Angel Jumps x15
  • Russian Swings x15
  • Angel Jumps x15
  • Push Presses x15
  • Angel Jumps x15

3 Rounds of all 6 exercises only taking a break after all 6 exercises are finished. The break should only be 30-40 seconds. Drink water and get back at it.

Shoes: Saucony

Top: Athleta



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