Upper Body/ Back & shoulders Workout

A strong upper back and shoulders is important for your posture and overall body. I usually start any workout with a compound exercise. An exercise that uses more than one muscle at the same time, preparing the body for a full workout and isolating exercises.


A bench, dumbbells

The Workout

3 Rounds of all 4 exercises with a small 30 second break in between each exercises

  • Plank Pull Backs x20
  • Medial Deltoid raise x20
  • 3 Point Row x20 each arm
  • Upright Row x20

Each Round try and go up in weight if you feel your form is being compromised go back down to the weight you started the former Round with and continue the exercise. Never compromised form.

Add this back & shoulder workout into your weekly routine and you will be amazed by how much your back & shoulders transform over time. Remember to fuel your muscles with protein and rest in between workouts. Go smash goals!!!

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