Upper Body Burner Workout

Workout of the Day (#WOTD)

This upper body workout quickly hits your back and biceps while also working out your shoulders and abs. When you start the pullover exercise make sure your feet are staggered and your abs are contracted tightly before moving the weights forward and then to slightly over head.

  • DB Pullovers x15
  • 3 Point Rows x10 on each arm (keeping your knees bent and abs contracted)
  • DB Hammer Curl x15 (going up in weight after each round unless your arching your back to get the weight contracted, if that happened stay at the weight you used in the last round)
  • DB Reverse Grip Row x10 on each arm

4 rounds of all 4 exercises. Only take a break after all 4 exercises are finished. Your break should be 30 seconds then get back at it.

The Workout Attire: https://athleta.gap.com/browse/category.do?cid=1006482&nav=meganav%3ANew%3ACATEGORIES%3AAll%20New%20Arrivals

The Mat: https://gorillamats.com



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