Upper Body Workout

Workout of the Day (#WOTD)

This upper body workout is a great workout before you do a yoga practice or after you do cardio.

3-4 Rounds of all 6 exercises (aim for 4 Rounds) going up in weight each Round if you are executing good form.

  • Push-Ups (on the eccentric or down motion count 1, 2, 3/ On the concentric or up motion only count 1) x20
  • 3 Point row x15 with each arm
  • 1 Tricep kick back 1 straight arm tricep kick back x15
  • Bent elbow middle shoulder press x15
  • Bicep curl x15
  • Bicep Zottman curl x15

This workout is called a giant set all 6 exercises are done back to back without a break in between exercises. Take the break after all 6 exercises are done.



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