What is Your Style?

Style is about making something your own. Your style should look effortless. It removes any possibility that the wearer should dress any other way. Style is confident.

What is YOUR style?

Once you create a style that fits your essence and personality STICK WITH IT.

An elegant dress, strong/simple diamonds, mixed with a more edgy masculine shoe would be more my style. Upscale preppy/elegant/tomboy describes my style and in college we referred to it as dressing like a Hygge. Recently the fashion editor of Hamptons Style~Lisa Kerson Frohlich put a post up explaining that type of style “a Danish concept and lifestyle trend that represents a sense of coziness and contentment, especially in cold weather.” Who knew Hygge was a “thing” !!!

I have to say The Office of Angela Scott shoe Brand just hit the jackpot when they introduced this loafer, my all time favorite.

(They currenty are out of stock of this loafer but have introduced a new lower heeled loafer).

The Office of Angela Scott-Tap here to shop

Ann Mashburn corduroy’s-Tap here to shop

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