Crush it Lower Body Workout

Workout of the Day (#WOTD)

Execute each exercise then take a break. Start with your lowest weights and with each Round move up in weights if you can but don’t compromise your form. During your break drink water.

You can use our Warm-Up to get ready for this workout if you haven’t warmed up already.

A warm up for everyone with Tracey Kubitz

  • Deadlifts x25
  • 1 Leg Deadlift x20 (Each leg x20 reps)
  • Curtsy Lunge Alternating legs x25
  • 1 Leg Curtsy Lunge x10 (Each leg x10 reps)
  • Suitcase Squat to Reverse Lunge x15 (alternating legs)

4 Rounds of all 7 exercises (That is counting the 1 leg at a time exercises). 4 Rounds will be tough but try and through all 4 Rounds.

Clothing: Beyond Yoga Leggings

Top: Athleta Bra

Shoes: Saucony Endorphin Shift 3



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