Embellished Sparkle Outfit

Truth be told I love dressing up. The whole process looking for the right outfit, buying the outfit, getting creative, putting it all together and finally going to the event.

That being said it never is that easy, is it?

We have to factor what time of year it is, weather, what type of event/party is it, color, length of dress, height of your heel, and the list goes on.

We hope at the HOB to help you by giving you great outfit ideas and tips on how to wear to those outfits.

We also try and have you think outside the box of your normal outfit choices. Not too far outside that box but just enough where you express yourself in the most positive ways and try some outfits that you may think aren’t what your neighbors or friends would wear. That’s the point BE YOU!!

Sparkles, glitter, sequins, and colored patterns are some of my favorite embellishments on a garment. This Milly dress is the long sleeve, shorter version of a long gown I already own, so it is outside of my realm because of the length dress, but the colors and embellishments I’m comfortable with already. Small changes.

If you are wearing a very embellished dress or pants go a little more simple with your accessories.

I wore simple silver hoop earrings, no watch, no bracelets, and a pair of muted sparkle silver sling backs from Stuwart Weiztman. I finished this look with a beautiful faux fur cape from Pretty Rugged Gear.

You never want to look like visual clutter. You allow YOU and the dress to have the spotlight and create a balanced coordinated look.

Send us pictures and emails and let us know how your next event outfit comes together.

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