The Ruthless Workout

Here are just a few reasons to strength train:

Increased energy levels

Better resiliency in the body

Less risk for injury

Weight Management

Increase bone density

Increase muscle mass

Lower body fat

This workout will push you but remember everyday we need to work against gravity so use this workout to help yourself do JUST that defy gravity.

3 Rounds of all 7 exercises

  • Devils press x10
  • Standing chest press (low weights/this exercise includes the shoulders) x20
  • Seated Shoulder Press (single press/single press/double press SSD) x10
  • Bicep curl (SSD) x10
  • Front shoulder raise-leg lift x10 (each leg)
  • Racked squat x10
  • 1 leg glute lift x10 (each leg)

Always remember if your form is lacking during an execise go down in weight. You want to execute good form over pushing heavy weights and risking injury.

I incourge you to be ruthless in this workout as there are several challenging compound exercises. Compound exercises are ones that include more than one muscle group and require you to utilize your core strength.

This is a great workout to do when you can’t get to the gym or you are traveling.

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