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Workout of the Day (#WOTD)

What are the benefits of working your stomach muscles? Stomach muscles are called “ABS” and exercising your abs or, training your abs, helps you have better balance and steadiness also called stability. Stability helps you preform better in sports but more importantly in regular daily life.

This workout can be very hard if you complete all the Rounds I’ve recommended or easier if you only execute 1 Round of all 6 exercises.

  • Blast off Planks x25
  • Ankle Taps x25
  • Ankle Reaches x25
  • Scissors x25
  • Butterfly Reverse Sit-Ups x25
  • Mason Twist x25

4 Rounds of all 6 Exercises if you are making this core workout advanced which I recommend. If you are pressed for time or want an easier workout only do 2 Rounds of all 6 exercises. If you are beginner only do 1 Round of all 6 exercises and see how you feel.

Top: Athleta

Bottoms: Athleta

Shoes: Saucony

Mat: Yo Gorilla Mats



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