Upper Body Slam Workout

Workout of the Day

This solid upper body workout will give you such a great pump you will forget you aren’t in the gym. This home workout can be done in the gym but if you are traveling or can’t get to the gym here you go.

  • Clean and Press x20
  • Wide Plank Row x20
  • ISO Hammer Curl x10 Right arm
  • ISO Hammer Curl x10 Left arm
  • Hammer Curl x10
  • Plank Tricep Kick back x20

3 Rounds of all 6 exercise taking a 20-30 second break in between each exercise. We call this workout a Slam because you slam through it and you are done. You’ve worked out and mostly upper body and you can get on with your day. SLAM!!

//Have water near by and take sips in between each exercise//

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We hope you enjoy these workouts. They are not easy but we guarantee you will get results.



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